Teaching and Scientific Profile

Department of Geometry is one of the oldest institutes of Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. It was established in the year 1960. It provides education of the teachers of mathematics and descriptive geometry for the secondary comprehensive and grammar schools and a training of specialists in computer geometry and computer graphics.

There are two sections at the department: the section of geometry and topology and the section of descriptive geometry and computer graphics.

The department provides a wide range of lectures, exercises and seminars on various subjects at the undergraduate level such as calculus, linear algebra, basic geometry, higher geometry and history of mathematics for all teacher training students and special courses and seminars on some parts of geometry and topology for the students of mathematics. It plays a major role in the education and supervision of postgraduates and in supplementary forms of study.

Research Topics

Scientific and research activities of the department are devoted mainly to algebraic and differential geometry and topology, applied geometry and computer graphics, history of mathematics and didactics of mathematics. In the framework of these activities the members of the department staff have supervised over 25 postgraduates to their PhD-degree and over 100 post-graduates to their academic degree RNDr.

The authors from the department have contributed essentially to the edition of four university text-books and about 10 text-books and workbooks in mathematics for schools. They are also the authors of several monographs and ecyclopaedic works.

The department is engaged in a wide cooperation with several inland and foreign university institutions (Germany: Halle, Leipzig, Potsdam etc.; Austria: Vienna, Graz; Hungary: Budapest; Italy: Bologna, Palermo), and it is a member of an institutionalized system of the international scientific and education cooperation. It has held several international summer schools.

The members of the department staff often give lectures as invited participants of international symposia and conferences (Austria, Germany, Czech Republic etc.) and they were acting as visiting professors in foreign countries several times for a longer time.

Graduates are usually appointed to the posts of teachers at secondary or grammar schools or universities, they can also be employed in various branches of industry (design), services, financial institutes etc.

Selected publications

Monographs (in Slovak):
  • V. Svitek:
    Logicke zaklady geometrie. Bratislava, SPN 1969
  • J. Cizmar, V. Zatko (co-authors):
    Encyklopaedia of Mathematics. Bratislava, Obzor 1967 (1. vydanie), 1978 (2. vydanie), 1981 (3. vydanie)
  • J. Cizmar:
    Grupy geometrickych transformacii. Bratislava, Alfa 1984
Text-books (in Slovak):
  • V. Zatko (co-author):
    Geometria 1 (ucebny text pre VS). Bratislava, SPN 1985
  • M. Bozek (co-author):
    Geometria 2 (ucebny text pre VS). Bratislava, SPN 1987
  • V. Pijak, V. Zatko (co-author):
    Konstrukcna geometria (ucebnica pre VS). Bratislava, SPN 1985
  • T. Hecht, Z. Sklenarikova:
    Metody riesenia uloh (ucebnica pre VS). Bratislava, SPN 1992
  • M. Bozek (co-author):
    Matematika 2 (ucebnica pre gymnazia). Bratislava, SPN 1985-1990
  • J. Cizmar (author):
    Matematika 6. I, II, SPN, Bratislava-Praha 1989-1996
  • J. Cizmar (co-author):
    Matematika 7. I, II, SPN, Bratislava-Praha 1990-1996
  • S. Solcan:
    Projektivna geometria (skriptum). UK Bratislava, 1994
  • M. Bozek:
    Matematika 2 (zvazok 3) (ucebnica pre gymnazia). Bratislava, Orbis Pictus, 1998
  • P. Chalmoviansky (co-author):
    Zlozitost geometrickych algoritmov (skriptum). UK Bratislava, 2001
  • Z. Sklenarikova, J. Cizmar:
    Elementarna geometria euklidovskej roviny (skriptum). Univerzita Komenskeho, Bratislava 2002